This year was one big surreal blur so much happened in such a small frame of time and it honestly took me by surprise at some points. From my friends suicide to finishing school and then being in a job where I was unhappy and getting paid the bare minimum. For months I was questioning myself and God about where he wanted to take me in life. My relationship with church was deteriorating I mean I was going to church literally having to drag myself there. I've never once doubted whether the gospel is true, but during that time it wasn't really what I cared for. So much was happening to others around me and I felt completely useless if I'm honest. It hurt so much knowing that there was nothing I could do to change their situations. If anything 2016 taught me to be grateful for life and to take full advantage of it. God has opened my eyes and taught me to value those that value me this isn't to say that I shouldn't love my neighbour, but more so to understand that that seeking thee approval of others is a waste of time especially if it's for something as small as popularity. If I could take anything from this year it would be to love life and live it to the fullest. When I got the news about my friends death it seriously crushed my world, but it was the first time that God helped me realise that beyond self there are others that are hurting! I came yo God with a broken heart and he helped me heal those wounds I am so grateful for the journey he took me on this year. This year helped me realise just how much I needed him to help me. I had neglected myself from his love simply because I believed I was less deserving, but this goes out to everyone no matter how bad the sin or how much you may fall the Lord will always be there to support you. He has never given up on me and I will never give up on him, because of it. I am no way the best christian but my sins are honest my heart is genuine and I know the Lord understands my journey. To 2017 I hope I learn more, grow more and live more!


  1. All the photos on your blog are absolutely stunning!

    Much love,

    Imogen |

    1. Thanks doll that means so much! I'm gonna check out your blog now! x


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