I'm not dead I've just been busy working that 9-5 job that people use to tell me about (well 6:00pm in my case) and its super intense but I'm starting to love this new job. I previously worked in retail, and hated it with a passion! The things you have to deal with in retail will honestly work in your favour long term, because honestly if I had not had that experience I would've honestly quit my internship the first week, retail helps you build the thick skin that you'll need in any other demanding job (shoutout to those who know what I'm talking about). There's so much to SMM (Social Media Marketing) that I was so naive about. I honestly use to think it was simply taking photos and uploading them with some written content. Oh how wrong I was! Way more complex than that. I work on SMM so I'm constantly having to invent new ideas for content that people will like, as well as building up marketing strategies to pitch to a client it's hard but I'm learning It's crazy to think about how much I've learnt in just two weeks. So for the most part I'm learning  and growing so this will do me great wonders, in the future. A little side note, one thing I need to make mention of to anybody reading this is that you are capable of anything, if you have something you are passionate about go and get it. People may laugh at you or think your incapable of achieving such things, but remember the greatest revenge is success. I told myself last year that I would get a new job in SMM and look where I am now, trust me it wasn't easy and I in no way do I want to give off that impression, but what I will say is that anything you put your mind to is possible! You just need to have a goal and something to push you. The sky honestly is the limit and I have so many amazing adventures that I cannot wait to devour myself in! I hope your all having an amazing week!


  1. maybe you could share some tips with me!


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