ONE.  I am the most introverted extrovert you'll ever meet, despite popular belief I don't ooze absolute confidence, in fact I am incredibly shy like super shy although outwardly I may project your most confident strong independent woman. I have to admit that I am more shy than you may think, I do terribly in social activities if anything being the centre of attention makes me want to bury myself in a ten foot hole. I am also extremely socially awkward so if you ever catch me saying anything dumb or trying to be funny just know your girl is just having a major meltdown inside trying to keep herself together.

TWO. Beyonc√© once said"A diva is a female version of a hustler" and I couldn't say it any better myself. I am sassy, classy but never trashy this is my claim to fame and why my friends call me queen B haha, but on a serious note I am known for being a little dramatic or maybe quite. I am a Pisces and we are emotional creatures so my dramatising my life is just of the norm, this doesn't mean I like attention, but more so when i feel anything it has to be dramatic.

THREE. I have a love hate relationship with politics I love the art of politics, but hate the war of it. I absolutely cannot and will not stand for any type of racist homophobic views, if anything the world has taught me that there is more hate than there is love. Stop spending your time telling people to assimilate to your views and start opening your mind, and as a mormon this can be a little controversial considering it is a predominately conservative culture. Opening your mind does not mean changing your values, but rather learning to love those that are different to you.

FOUR. I love photography the way it makes others feel, is a greater joy for me than how it makes me feel. Photography allows you to capture history, art and politics and even greater memories. Although my friends don't enjoy me forcing them to take pictures with me for me etc. My photos have allowed me to remember my times of travel and despite the fact i haven't gone everywhere, travel is becoming a passion of mine. I mean its crazy how different the world is to my own little bubble and I honestly cannot wait to discover other foreign lands and people and just completely immerse myself into a new culture.

FIVE. I love Jesus and I'm not just saying it I'm not the best Mormon in the world I have my downfalls, I have my days when I just don't want to go to church or people just make me fed up, and I don't read my scriptures everyday, but honestly he has saved my life so many times. When the devil tells me to give up the spirit of God is what keeps me going, and although sometimes I don't want to listen he has always reassured me that he is there and he is with me.

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