I feel super overwhelmed at the moment, it might just be because of the fact that my menstrual cycle is just around the corner which has made me super sensitive. I have honestly hated the month of June, luckily we only have 12 more days of this horrid month, so much has happened in such a little time, and God's mercy has honestly just shown me how valuable life is. This year marks the one year anniversary since my friends death, so much sadness has surrounded the city of London, and I honestly feel trapped and useless there are so many people who are hurting and I can't do anything to help them. Something my bishop spoke about today really touched me a lot, he spoke about how we need to be nicer to each other as a ward, and he's right! There are so many people who need someone to just reach out to them and be a friend, and so many people that are just suffering in silence, and having to deal with life by themselves. This isn't me declaring to be the saviour to these people, but a reminder that I need to reach out to people and leave my comfort zone.

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