Leanda is getting hitched soon to be married, and doing what married couples do. This Friday, was her bachelorette party, and boy was it was fun. It consisted of rain, fire and a lot of dancing. Did I mention I almost had my hair set on fire, my lack of experience at a bar or maybe the bartenders common sense to warn me that whatever drink he was making was flammable, to my shock and by the grace of God, my natural instinct told me to back the hell up, and I am glad I did, because who knows what would have been left of my hair. Back to serious business, we went to this 90s themed club in soho London "Good Pop Bad Pop"and it was super fun the atmosphere, people and music really made it all a night to remember. Leanda, is honestly such a great catch for any guy, she's not only beautiful but she comes with a brain to! I wish you and Greg the most happiest wedding and life in marriage to come, thank you for letting me be part of the process.

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