So me and some friends randomly booked a trip to Paris for three days and to be honest it was a little chaotic. I almost didn't make it because I couldn't find the coach station and not to forget when Air BnB rejected my payment for an apartment *le sigh* but anyways we arrived in Paris and it was beautiful, we checked into our rooms which were pretty descent considering the price we paid for. It rained almost the whole time we were there which kind of stopped us being able to explore Paris the way we wanted to. Food was hella pricey like a good fifteen euros for basically nothing. No wonder why the French are so small, but I must say Mc Donald's there is the best I have ever devoured on in life. You ca tell that every piece of artificial ingredient is delicately ensemble together to make a beautiful masterpiece and not to forget that the French sell macaroons in these fancy Mc Donald's where else can you get that? 

The city is full of beautiful monuments of art and the metro stations are so aesthetically pleasing. Literally France had us running a lot for trains and the authorities haha, and we could of got away with it if it hadn't been for the meddling station squad. We thought we could beat security and not pay for the train which is literally less than a pound and ended up having to pay a fine of fifty euros each haha "Oh the joys of having to communicate with the very little French I knew to try get transport police to let us off" funny story (It took me sometime to realise that the reason the security lady kept looking at me with confusion was because i repeatedly kept telling her in French that I didn't speak English to then realise what I actually meant to say was that I couldn't speak French) Ohh the joys i am obviously the wrong person to translate. Despite my efforts to get us off the hook with my terrible French skills  the lady simply wasn't having it, and we were all fined fifty Euros!

We got to see the little of the touristy stuff when it didn't rain and to be honest, I really enjoyed being with good company and making memories although it wasn't what we completely wanted it led to stronger bonds and better friendships!
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