Dear Barbara,

You're going to be okay, enjoy being young because you won't be young for long. You'll wake up one day and realise that time didn't wait for you to catch those opportunities! Grab them while you can and don't let go of them. Learn to say yes to things that scare you those things will help you grow the most. If you're gonna go broke make sure to spend that money on experiences nothing can even come into comparison to those tender moments you share with people the places you visit and the change it brings to your heart. Popularity is overrated you don't need to be the most popular girl with the biggest group of friends remember quality over quantity is key. Don't waste your time trying to impress people. Bullying is disgusting don't do it don't stoop that low you are bigger than that. Remember to be nice you don't know what people are going through. Remember how you treat others is a reflection on how you feel about yourself! It's okay to be sad don't ever feel guilty for showing your emotion but don't dwell on sadness don't let sadness consume you. Let go of your pride and learn to forgive grudges are a bigger burden on yourself than they are to those that cause you harm. Your relationship with God is the most important relationship you'll ever have trust him and the path he has set for you thank him in both good and bad times. Don't be afraid to let go of friends that don't have your best interest.  You can't help everyone so don't put that burden on yourself don't let other peoples burdens become your problems. Love those who have no love for you back it will show what kind of person you are! DO NOT EVER BE A HYPOCRITE live by the words that you speak and stand proud. Make sure that you live to your fullest potential remember you only have one chance on this earth live the life you love. You can't win all the time don't be hard on yourself. Family is important love them let them know they are loved don't take them for granted. Your mom is your rock and your world you would be nothing without her. Last but not least life is short be happy and merry it will be hard at times but remember you've got this!
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