This year I'm trying to take my camera on as much adventures with me as possible whether they be big or small. I'm going to have my camera on the ready. Me and Debora visited this light art exhibition on Monday down at Canary Wharf to watch the rainbow coloured lights light up the cold streets of London, as you can see through the pictures it was very beautiful to look at, but the images don't tell you how freaking cold it was LOOOL pardon my language, but I mean seriously London can you warm up already! despite the blistering cold winds we pushed forward to look at all of the lights and it was worth it I mean besides my constant biggering and tantrums I really did enjoy the lights (Debora if you're reading this apologies for being a walking juke box).


  1. These photos are really gorgeous!

    1. Thanks doll I'm constantly swooning over your style! I wish I lived in a warmer climate so that I'd be able to rock swag like you! x


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