I made it to my twenty second year of life and how grateful I am to God, for keeping me a live boy oh boy has it been a rocky road but I can assure you that if I could I wouldn't change one thing. Despite things  not always going my way I have been shaped into the woman I am because of every trial and error.  I am grateful for love and I am grateful for life and the family and friends and people who have walked in and out of my life, because you have all taught me who to be and what not to be. Guys if I could give you one piece of advice it would to be to make the most of life it is so incredibly short and unpredictable. Last year I was smacked with a lot of shocking events that really helped penetrate in my head just how important it is to value life and the people in it. I'm learning that popularity isn't anything to aspire if it means crushing others around you. Being nice to people is also important (I'm working on this I am not a horrible person but I'm not as nice as I could be) we don't know what people are going through and we don't know what peoples breaking points are don't be that person to add the sh*t to someone else's life. Travel and explore beyond yourself if you have the financial means do it! There is so much culture to delve yourself into and it will really help you see the world differently. If you don't like your job quit! "Do what you love and love what you live" life's way to short to be working in a field you have no passion for! Most importantly live a life that you'd be proud of my greatest word of wisdom would be to understand that money isn't everything it shouldn't be the only driving force in your life it comes and goes. What matters are the people and you!

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