I haven't really spoken about myself or ever given you an introduction to who I am.  These about me sections always make me feel uneasy, because I never know what to say, but I'm going to give it a go. I'm Barbara ' B' most people call me Queen B (LOL JK I am not cool enough for that!) I am 22 year old Mormon "Surprise we're not all white! Some of us have chocolate smooth skin" I'm literally LOLing right now, I am known for being incredibly sarcastic and incredibly monotone. Unfortunately I was not blessed with that soprano voice so can't sing most church hymns because they're not in my vocal range.  Kanye West, is my hero controversial I know but why not? Side note I also love Justin Bieber, I feel like a lot of people filter themselves to accustom or be perceived in a certain manner, but I've always tried my best to be honest. I'm not into popularity not for me never heard of her.  Christopher Nolan, is my fave director isn't he everybody's? I am clumsy as hell if I'm not falling on the floor I'm slipping up in some other manner (I am probably the most socially awkward person you'll meet) most people think because of my confident nature that this could never be possible, well I am here to tell you that it's defiantly not the case! I love In N Out Burger, but sadly the Lord did not bless London with such holiness. My faviroute super hero is the Batman I love drinking baby drinks, because I mean why not? I think that's all for now I hope this was worth reading, until next time!

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