Now although I've never actually taken any other wedding photos except these. It was honestly such a joy photographing these two once everyone else went to the reception,  usually people tend to get shy or really stiff once it's just me them and the camera, but these two were naturals followed direction well and honestly made my job so easy. What's even better is the fact that I was able to share such a special moment in their life and document it so that they could visualise it forever, this is what makes me love photography so much, when done right it can bring so much joy to others. I was trusted by one of the most amazing friends on the planet to take her wedding photos, and here are some of the images. The whole day was a bit chaotic trying to get photos in and everything, but it was defiantly a learning experience for me. I have so much for wedding photographers, because they have a lot weighing on their shoulders and could potentially make or break someones special day. I don't think I will do another wedding until I have all the right equipment, now although I got some great images and had some ideas of what and how I wanted to shoot. I would say that I defiantly still need sharpen up on my skills.

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