I write this currently with heavy eyes and a heavy heart. I am so grateful to be apart of such an amazing establishment! If anything I have never been part of a family that is so centred around putting others before ourselves. It feels so good to know that one act of service can transform the life of someone else forever. Yesterday made me realise just how incredibly short life is, six people lost their lives because three individuals thought that it would be fun to go and terrorise the streets of London purely because they want to inject fear into people. When I got the news about the events that happened in London it honestly broke my heart. Despite the ill acts of these individuals London stands united we will not let the ill acts of hate overtake the power of LOVE we have for each other despite what these horrid men did they will not divide what we celebrate so much in London, diversity and multiculturalism. We refuse to let one act of hate paint a false picture of great Muslim men and women who live amongst others peacefully!


  1. sending so much love to all you guys out in london!

    1. Thank you so much! It really does put what's important in life into perspective! Thanks for reading my blog and keep slaying!


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