Iceland was beautiful and it took the most of my pocket and your girl is really feeling super duper broke at the moment, after spending like 100000IKR LOL. But hey that's not what this blog post is about, so sit back enjoy the photos and my constant complaining about how broke I am. Here's how to do Iceland on a budget!
We landed in Iceland at 11:00pm after almost 3hrs of travelling we still had an extra two hours in the car. Thank you to Chandler & Nicole for kindly driving our butts everywhere. I'm forever grateful! Day one of our trip would include the Secret Lagoon and some small hikes. If you're going hiking it's best to carry a small backpack with a first aid kit, a water bottle and some painkillers. For some reason, the elevation was really messing with my head and breathing, luckily for me, I had a little rescue bag that legit saved my life, because your girl was gonna pass out on various occasions! Oh and by the way FYI the water in Iceland is pretty rank, so I'd say drink bottled water, and if you're cheap like me boil that ish up and wait for it to cool down & you're pretty much good to go!
When people say Iceland is expensive, believe them! LOOL Iceland is seriously a place for the rich and famous if I had not pre-planned to live off cereal bars and various combinations of water I would've died! Dramatic? YES! But I'm not kidding when I say that if you don't save up for a trip to Iceland, you're screwed. So here's a word of advice if you're going to Iceland go with a large group of people so you can spread out your expenses and pray you all don't die of hunger, but if you do at least it's not alone.
If you love meat then you're in for a serious shock meat is a luxury item here, like I don't think any animals other than sheep, lamb and ponies live in Iceland, which explains why beef costs £1000000. I'd recommend going vegan or vegetarian for the duration of your trip because it's 100x cheaper than buying meat. Shop for food that will fill you up and can stretch your energy, so make sure you have your grains your carbs, veggies and of course your cereal bars. Eating out can be pretty expensive, so if you do go out to a restaurant make sure it's worth the coins.
Iceland is famous for things like the Blue Lagoon, and trust me your girl wanted to go, but I was not about to pay the price of my plane ticket to spend only 1hr there on a Sunday. Should I have done it for the IG? Of course! But until the gram drops the gram in my bank account I won't be stunting for social media LOL. My girl Sai came through with the alternative plan and we were heading to the Secret Lagoon, almost the same experience for a fraction of the price. There are so many beautiful free hikes you can see, that won't mean forking out £100s of pounds or have you asking yourself did I really just drop £70 for IG likes? Oh, another thing about Iceland, that I think y'all should know about is that petrol is freaking crazy expensive! Basically, like finding a diamond or liquid gold. You'll be in the 100s before you know it driving out there. So like I said, make sure you're going with a group to spread out the cost of everything.
You're probably wondering about the abandoned DC plane, right? Your girl was pumped I was ready for my close up and everything, but the weather decided to be hella cranky, Mother Earth was not playing, and to make things worse it was a 4hr hike. We weren't really prepared for it to be honest, and since our time was very limited, we had to question whether making this trip was worth a 1/4 of our day. Another reminder also is that PETROL in Iceland is hella expensive! So like I said make sure you're going with a group to spread out the cost of everything, and plan your day out. Overall Iceland was fun, loved the scenery, company and having the opportunity to see more of God's planet! It was nice getting out of London and letting go and letting be. God is good, life is Gucci and I can't wait for the next adventure!
I hate to be one of those people who blog more when things are a bit crappy, but hey this is real life, and it can't always be all that and a bag of chips. I'm human and I am allowed to have those shitty days, and most importantly I want people to be able to relate to my life. Although it's fun taking pretty pictures and making sure things are OCD perfect. Sometimes life is just a mess, like my hair in this damn photo, but anyways that's beside the point. I'm having a rough day, so I thought I'd treat myself to a face mask and one of the doughnuts I stole from my sister Krispie Kreme box.

Beyonce has taught me a lot in life and her lemonade album taught me this, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, and drink that ish up! It won't take away the problems, but it will definitely make things sort of better!
I feel old and like time is finally catching up with my old ass lol.  I had a small get together for my birthday, and it went so well. We laughed, sang ate a lot of food and enjoyed each others company. I honestly could not be more grateful for the people I have in my life, you have all gotten me through some of the best and worst of my times. As I grow older I am starting to realise, that all I really love is my bed and my mom, I really am sorry. Oh and my friends of course! 

I am so grateful to God, for getting me through chapter 22 of my life. I honestly would not have been able to get through it without him. Without him I would’ve had some serious crazy & emotional breakdowns, to be honest, I am so so so so grateful for the life lessons and many new opportunities he has pushed into my life.  So to God, thank you for always being the real ride or die in my life!

Now I want to confess to the world that chapter 23 be a year of growth, success, travel and love!
Last year I was unhappy with my job and very unsatisfied with my life, I came back from one of the most amazing holidays ever, and realised that I needed change and where I was in life wasn't going to allow me to grow the way I wanted. Thank God, for the change you have brought in my life, because of you I am happier I go to work incredibly excited, and I've been able to see myself excel in places, that I never thought were possible before.  Although I was afraid to take this leap of faith, I am so incredibly grateful for taking it, it's the things that scare us most that usually help us grow!
It's crazy to think that we are finally in the first chapter of 2018. I'll be turning 23 this year I'm still waiting for Kanye West to drop his dis-track. Prince Harry and Megan Markle are getting married, and the countdown for Game of Thrones begins!

I am so ready for this year and ready to work my ass off and fill up my bank account and get that shmoney. Honestly, this is my year to become evolutionary! Last year was mad crazy like I did a lot and lost a lot but I most defiantly grew a lot. I signed myself up for what I thought would be a great start to my career, bahaha the biggest lie to have ever encountered my life in 2017. I wasted 9 months of my life working for someone who never showed value for my work, and that is probably the biggest regret of 2017 for me.  But I will not let that person take up any more of this blog post.

Moving on swiftly, I got to do a lot of amazing things, for one I got to travel to the States again and it was a trip of a lifetime! I honestly miss every part of that trip. I met some of the coolest people ever, like for real one thing I can defiantly take away from this year was the fact that I was blessed to be in the presence of some of the most amazing people.
I ended the year on a high, and I honestly cannot thank God or my family and friends for everything and the endless support you have provided me with throughout 2017. I am so so grateful for each and every single one of you.

There was a lot of uncertainty in my life for the past couple of months, but now I have a clearer vision of who I am and where I am heading. I'm so ready to fuck shit up and achieve greatness, to anyone reading this. I wish you a successful 2018, may you hustle hard and work endlessly to achieve the greatness you hope to witness this year, until next time!
My mom is my rock and foundation, and honestly one of the most humble and selfless women I have ever encountered in life. I hope that one day I can be just as incredible as my mom. Thank you for your countless sacrifices and your endless love. I hope 2018 will bless you with richness in health, life and love you deserve it all and more. Thank you for your patience, love and kindness. Happy birthday to the best mother in the universe! 
So I was recently made redundant from my internship. I know it sucks, and the worst thing is I only had three months left, but you know what I've decided to take this as a blessing more so than a downfall. I came back from holiday and felt an overwhelming amount of sadness, and it wasn't  that holiday blues feeling. I genuinely wasn't looking forward to going back to work. My first day back I told my mom that I needed to look for a new job because I realised that working in such a toxic environment wasn't worth it anymore, and honestly if anything maybe this internship being cut short, was God's way of forcefully making me look for a something new. My experience taught me that no amount of money should take away your dignity. If a job is going to change you let it be of growth and progress. If your boss doesn't value your time, talent or opinion then go find someone that will, and remember to keep the client at the centre of everything. Put in and give them your 100%, and you'll see it benefit you in the long run. Stand up for what you believe, and most importantly your personal well-being should be put at the centre of everything. There's a difference in not wanting to go to work and being sad the weekend is over. I honestly believe that if the thought of going to work seems like a nightmare, then you should find another job. Obviously, this is different for everyone because of circumstances, but you get where I'm going. The motto that I live by is "Do what you love, and you'll never have to work a day in your life."

Being made redundant sucks, but you know what I know God has bigger plans for me!
Hello, fellow beings it's your girl B, back from the sunny valleys of California. Home to Hollywoods finest and the city of Angels. Your girl got to live the dream that people only get to see on TV, I got to explore the famous Laguna Beach. Oh and let's not forget, I got to live every kid's dream, known as the happiest place on Earth. London’s seriously has nothing on Mickey's crib!
To finish off my lavish trip, I got to indulge on West Coasts famous In N Out burger. Whilst everyone in California's living the vegan life. I got to enjoy a fresh batch of animal fries and the famous double double.
LOOOOOL! Okay now that I am over my non-socialite life, California was beautiful and so surreal. Waking up and going to the beach is honestly a life I could get used to, the beaches are beautiful and so are the people! Golden grains of sand and beautiful glassy water. Winter doesn't exist here because the sun is always out!

Thank you so much to the Wade's for opening your home, and making sure that it was always a great time. I cannot ever put it into words the amount of love that I have for you both. You treat me so well, and I just want to let you know that your girl has always got your back, and sister Wade your son Tyler is super hot if you're reading this. We also got to live my childhood dream and my 21st Birthday, an explored the wonderful world of Disney.

Nick, Meghan and Miriam thank you so much for surprising me with this trip. I truly appreciate it! You'll never understand just how grateful I am for the love that I have been washed with whilst on this trip! That's it, for now, guys and gals! Until next time!!
This trip has been so amazing. I’ve learnt so much about myself that I didn’t expect. Utah will forever have a special place in my heart, simply because of the lessons, this place teaches me. You know you’ve had a great holiday when leaving the people is difficult. I’ve met so many different people from so many different walks of life, and I’ve honestly enjoyed learning every individual story. I am sad that my time here has come to an end, but the relations with these incredible people shall continue.

If anything travelling has taught me that you can’t put a price tag on the experiences life will teach you. If you’re going to go broke make sure it’s because of travelling. Utah is great for anyone looking for a cheap outdoorsy holiday. There are so many sites to visit! Temple Square is perfect for your typical Mormon, but even beyond that there are so many fun things to do, and no lie the mountains will literally take your breath away St. George, although I have not been able to explore yet, is a beautiful desert land with beautiful red rock, and if your a Disney fan this is where the movie Cars was located in. Food is cheap so eating out is no biggie and not to forget Sundance.

Make sure to visit Sundance that place is a real treat for the eyes. Despite the beautiful views, what really made it for me on this trip was definitely the people! Thank you to everyone for all the overwhelming love that was poured my way! Nate, you are the man I owe you Nando's thank you for housing us in your place. It was honestly so fun meeting your housemates they're freaking awesome! You have a great selection of friends. Sorry correction AMAZING!

No literally this title has never been so fitting for the month of September. Rise n shine it's a new dawn it's a new day it's a new life and I'm feeling good. So Why do I love September you ask? Your girls going on holiday yaaaaas! I honestly cannot begin to fathom or comprehend how grateful I am to God for this, it honestly would not be possible without him! I get to visit two states California and Utah can I get a yaaaaaaaas! Okay now that my fan grilling is kinda over let's commence with the rest of the month's shenanigans. It's crazy to think where I am right now, LOOL I am honestly going on as if I just became a multimillionaire, but I am so proud with the very little I have achieved from last year I am nowhere near where I want to be, but I am getting there. Guys let this September be a month of joy, success and laughter. Here's to the month of September! 
For me, a girl boss is 100% unapologetic. She is confident with I and self and does not require societies say on what makes a woman. She does not possess masculine features because her role on earth is separate to man.  The term "bitch" cannot be used to describe her, instead, she is confident and powerful. Her beauty is not only of the exterior but interior. The term 'feminist' cannot be attached to a girl boss, because this term does not fight for all women. Our problems go beyond walking topless. Instead, she  fights for womanhood, because all women matter. A girl boss will not apologise for her educated mind, or her feminine attributes. A girl boss is not against man but works with him. Women are the queens of earth, like God we bring life and we can also take it away. The wo in women comes from our ability to wow mankind with our minds, do not be attracted by the makeup on my face, the size of my waist or the length of my hair. For these are things that will fade in time. Let the wo in women come from my ability to wow you with my intelligence. For these are the things that make a GIRL BOSS!

Okay I am not your gushy type of girl at all, but these two make me so happy, and so in love with love. The very first time I saw Leanda and Greg together I knew that they were in it for the long run. It's honestly one of the most beautiful things, seeing two people that are so compatible with each other, come together through the union of marriage. I honestly feel so happy and privileged to have been able to share such a sacred moment with these two. To the beautiful bride and groom wishing you many more years of joy happiness and love. 
Your choice in a career should not ultimately come down to how big the paycheck is at the end of the month. There is more to life than money. Life is already stressful enough, don't burden your body with a job you hate going to, and this isn't me saying quit your job, but more so learn what you need and take it somewhere it'll be valued. I'm starting to realise how incredibly short life is, and honestly I am so grateful to God for giving me this opportunity to work in such a stressful environment, because I can assure you that when the time comes for me to move on I'll be ready, and I will have new amazing opportunities to look forward to. This trial is only temporary and if anything I've learnt that how you treat people is so important, respect earned and respect given are two sides of the same coin, but have completely different meaning. If there's anything I want anyone to take from this it would be to "Do what you love, and you'll never have to work a day in your life."
When life gives you lemons you make mother fucking lemonade! Excuse my profound language, but do bear in mind that despite me being a Mormon, my blog is not for the faint-hearted. (I like to keep it real on this blog, and although some may not appreciate me cursing, I find that it's my way of venting out my frustrations.) This week has been incredibly hard for me, I feel like I have been fighting some inner demons; that just won't seem to go away and despite my eagerness to curve these trials in life. I just keep getting smacked right in the face with them, and they are constant and reoccurring. I'd like to think of myself as a really positive girl who sees the best in life, but I'd be lying to you if I said this was me 100% of the time, I wouldn't say I'm a negative person but I do tend to override life with seeing the bad before the good. I feel so inadequate at the moment with where I am in life and feel like I constantly question whether I'm making the right choices because I honestly don't feel any kind of peace with myself. People say that comparison is the biggest killer of self-esteem, and I can testify of that, but it's so hard to avoid when you are constantly having things shoved in your face and people asking you when you're going to achieve these "milestones" that people talk about. But like I said in the beginning when life gives you lemons you make lemonade. Work with what you've got and see where it gets you. The wonderful thing about life is that regardless of whether your religious or not each and every decision you make in life is done with faith, we will never know the outcomes of our decisions until we make them, and that's where "faith" falls into place, because faith is built through action and with the hopes that our decisions lead to growth. Whether those decisions lead us to success or failure isn't important, because life is about taking that leap of faith and seeing where it takes you. 

I swear this weekend was the highlight to my horrid week! I don't know where I'm going and it's not a good thing, I constantly feel like I'm on the edge about a lot of things that are happening in my life. I do not feel content with where I am at in life and I don't know where I'm heading or if I'm doing the right thing. I feel like I have to pull through with what I'm currently doing, but is it worth it in the end? I am so glad my friends invited me to join them this weekend to just forget about everything and relax. I honestly look so forward to the weekends, because I get to lie in like rest of the adult world. I'm not really making much sense with this whole blog post, but my point is I am grateful for me time!

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